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Hide the home page. hide the home feed. hide the recommended videos. hide the related videos. hide the home feed. hide the cards. hide the sidebar. hide the left menu. hide notifications. hide watch later. hide comments. hide favorite videos. Extension Author: QYZ A: Reddit’s /r/ideas I’m usually in. I’d like to be able to turn off notifications and stuff, like a greasemonkey script, but I can’t make them work right (I think they’re coded specifically against the API). Suggestions? Q: trouble using gsub with gsub command “cr” in R I am using the following gsub command in R. file= read.table(filein,header=F,sep=”\t”) file=gsub(“[^N]”, ” “,file) file=gsub(“[^1-9]”, “”,file) file=gsub(“[^0-9.]”, “”,file) file=gsub(“[^0-9.,]”, “”,file) file=gsub(“[^0-9.,]”, “”,file) file=gsub(“[^0-9.,]”, “”,file) file=gsub(“[^0-9.,]”, “”,file) It works with all these arguments, except the ones with a “cr” at the end of each. I don’t understand why they won’t work. A summary of each function is gsub(“[^0-9.]”, “”,file) – replaces character which are NOT a digit with ” gsub(“[^0-9.,]”, “”,file) – replaces all chars which are NOT a digit , a digit or period with ” gsub(“[^0-9.,]”, “”,file) – replaces all chars which are NOT a digit , a digit or period with ” gsub(“[^0-9.,]”, “”,file) – replaces all chars which are NOT a digit , a digit or period with ” gsub(“[^0-9.,]”, “”,file) – replaces all chars which

Unhook For Chrome Crack

Extension disable useless YouTube elements such as recommended and related videos, streams, tabs, chat, and trending posts. Hide YouTube Top Bar: Cover your browser with a nice dark colored bar. Hide YouTube Top Bar! (Credit to: tommy on reddit): Remember that you don’t have to fully hide every part of YouTube. Hide YouTube Tab Bar: Apply to your YouTube tabs. Hide YouTube Playlist Bar: Remover your playlist and other container tabs that you can’t see. Hide YouTube Related Videos Bar: Remover the related videos and playlist section. Hide YouTube Comments Bar: Remove comments and related videos. Hide Related Videos Bar: Hide related videos in your watchlist and discover board. Hide YouTube Top Bar: Hide your browser view and manage your own content. Hide YouTube Top Bar! (Credit to: erickson on reddit): A very good alternative with a similar purpose. For the best experience, uninstall whenever an update comes out. Hide YouTube Tabs: Hide your browser open tabs. Hide YouTube Scroll Bars: Remover the scrollable area for any open YouTube browser. Hide Tab Background: Remover the active tab’s background. Hide Tab Bar: Hide the tabs in your browser view. Hide YouTube Image of Video: Remove image of any YouTube video. Hide Top Header: Hide all your notifications at the top of the page. Hide Videos Playlist: Hide video playlists. Hide Posts: Hide your recommendations and related posts. Hide Your Moments: Hide all your searchs. Hide Private Comments: Hide your videos’ comments. Hide Related Videos: Hide recommendations and related videos from each video you watch. Hide Trending Videos: Hide your newsfeed and other trending videos. Hide Related Videos (Credit to: koobik on reddit): Hide related videos in your watchlist and discover board. Hide Trending Videos: Hide your newsfeed and other trending videos. Hide Trending Videos! (Credit to: anonymous_v on reddit): Remove videos from your newsfeed and/or recommendations. Hide Explore: Hide your explore section and discover playlist. Hide Trending Videos (Credit to: []fefe14[ on reddit): hide your explore section and discover playlist. Hide Watchlist: Hide your watchlist and related videos. Hide Your Moments: Hide all your 2f7fe94e24

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Hide channels, comments, and more You can hide the sidebar and top header of videos as well as recommended videos and related videos Hide vlogs Hide end-screen feed Unlist videos and channels Hide highlights and promoted videos You can also hide comments, favorites, likes, and’related videos’ Trackers and cookies can be disabled PeerTube support Search for hidden vlogs and comment support. This add-on is the one and only extension we can find that deals with web TV shows, which can be nice for those who want to actively watch the videos that are recommended to them. Addict for YouTube Description: This extension adds a standard comment box to YouTube videos. It has an Auto-Play feature that plays the video in browser after pressing spacebar. It allows you to search YouTube videos even if you are on other website using “addict”. You can hide the comment box by toggling the “Hide comments” option. All in all, if you’re looking for an extension that doesn’t nag you with gimmicks, Addict for YouTube is probably the one to go for. A: One of the better add-ons, and also freeware, is the YouTube Vid Lite. You can enable and disable it in the YouTube settings. It has the settings that I mentioned in the other answers, but also lots more. It works just as well as the paid-for option. The Panasonic EL-TU2 is an ultra-bright zoom lens optimized for the GX8. Designed to produce brighter images while maintaining beautiful, high-resolution, bokeh-rich portraits, this lens offers a maximum aperture of f1.8, producing vivid colors and a wide-open background blur. Features: Typical Resolution: 43.3 Mpixels 1:2.8-5.6 with image stabilization Flare resistance: independent 16-stop +2, 1-stop +3 Flare Guide Switch Fastest-Shooting Lens: 4.7 fps(continuous mode) * About this product The Panasonic brand is synonymous with high quality and highly reliable products. Panasonic has been one of the most trusted brands for home electronics for more than 50 years, due to their dedication to high quality, innovative design and professional technology. Designed to respond to the needs of an ever-changing world

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Unhook hides all of the clutter and distractions that come with using YouTube and leaves you with only the things that matter. Disclaimer: I only mention some of the features of Unhook because, well, I don’t wanna get trolled here. A: There are other suggestions here but I prefer YouTube Whitelist: YouTube Whitelist is a Chrome extension that allows you to whitelist YouTube channels of your choice. You will no longer see random videos in your comments, playlists, search results, or recommendations results. Features: * All videos are grayed out when you click on them * You can add channels to your whitelist by clicking the “Add to whitelist” button * All previously added channels will stay on your list for future visits * If you’re tired of seeing certain channels on your homepage, you can set up a homepage group, and white list all the channels from that group * You can drag and drop channels to your whitelist by hovering over the list * You can drag and drop channels to your blacklist by hovering over the list * A double click on a channel in the blacklist will gray out that channel’s videos * You can toggle everything on or off through the settings screen * Extra settings have been added for camera toggle, and autoplay * Auto refresh – it’s set to check every fifteen minutes * The extension also refreshes the list in the extension. You can disable this if you want. You can try other extensions like Get Rid of Everything or like Adblock. Dartmoor footer The Dartmoor Footer (Heptodon pyrrhus) was a subspecies of wild goat which lived on Dartmoor in the British Isles. As the wild population of Dartmoor began to decline in the late 17th and 18th centuries, the Dartmoor Footer was hunted for its valuable hair, which had a high commercial value. In 1807, Parliamentary authorization was granted to the Dartmoor Footers “in particular for the purpose of driving them to the Cheviot Hills”, making the Cheviot Hills the last stronghold for the surviving populations of the mammal. The population was wiped out by 1816. References Category:Mammals of the United Kingdom Category:Mammals of the British Isles Category:Extinct animals of Europe Category:Extinct mammals Category:Extinct mammals


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Mac OS X 10.8 or later, Mac OS X 10.7 or later with an Intel i5 or i7 processor and 8GB of RAM. 32-bit compatible graphics card with Shader Model 3.0 or later support are required, but we have made sure to run our benchmark tests on a variety of graphics cards. Windows OS Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit). Minimum screen resolution is 1080 x 720. Windows XP is not supported. 1GB of free hard drive space for installation, video



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