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Sonix God Of War Tool Rapidshare

windows xp users, we highly recommend using a bittorrent client in order to download the latest version of ps3core recovery tool. this software is safe, reliable and fast. if you cant use bt, the download links below will still work.

this firmware seems to be a bit of a misnomer. i can run it from a flash drive, and it seems to work fine. i also downloaded the “ps3 debug” firmware, but it was just a bit of a hassle to get it to work. ive also seen people say that they have had no issues with updating the ps3 to firmware version 2.80. the firmware 2.80 could be a fake firmware.

how to update the ps3 to firmware 2.80
this guide will show you how to update the ps3 to firmware 2.80

1. download the latest version of the ps3 debug firmware.
2. download a usb mass storage device on which you will write the latest firmware.
3. make a usb flash drive using a mac or windows pc. you can use a mac but you need to use a windows pc if you want to use the pc method.

you will need a usb flash drive with at least 4gb of space.

once youve created your usb flash drive using your windows pc or mac, install it in your usb mass storage device.

4. boot your ps3 into the latest firmware 2.80 version using the default ps3 menu and selecting the “install firmware from usb drive” option.

when the ps3 starts up you should see a little screen. this is what you are looking for and it is the tool you need to use to update your ps3 to firmware 2.

you should see a screen like this.

note: if you see a screen like this, it means that you are already running the latest firmware version. press the “pstrainer” button. this will reboot your system and you should now be running the latest firmware version.


7. Edit PARAM.SFO of [NPUA72074] and Change Value of Boot_Device to HAN_PARAMETERS.NESP_SHOW_BOOT_MENU_BOOT_MENU_EFI_TITLE_1_WITH_CONFIG_EXIT and Save, 8. Edit CONFIG.CFG of HAN_PARAMETERS.NESP_SHOW_BOOT_MENU_BOOT_MENU_EFI_TITLE_1_WITH_CONFIG_EXIT and change the following values: Delete: Path = _____, URL = _____, URL_Check = C:\Users\User\Desktop\USRPACKAGE_CERT1\MCShell.md5 Add: Path = _____, URL = _____, URL_Check = _____, URL_Check_Wait = _____, 9. Run CONFIG.CFG with [c:>User Parameter File], then Save. Done. 11. Open folder [USRDIR] in [NPUA72074] rename it back to PS3_Game (BCUS99134). 12. Unpack contents of download v1.01 update then move [eboot.bin] from it to folder [USRDIR], 13.SFO of [NPUA72074] and change Value of Boot_Device to PS3_GAME then Save, 14. Modify FLASH!U at mtd2bin, then Save. 15. Modify PARAM.SFO of [NPUA72074] and Change Boot_Device from UBUPCK3 to UBUPCK2 then Save, 16. Click on boot menu item and press any key on the keyboard to start the [UBUPCK2] application, then Close the [UBUPCK2] application. 17. Unpack contents of [] into [PS3_GAME], then Copy [emmc.img] into [PS3_GAME] and then copy [PS3_GAME.ps3] to CFW PS3, 18. Run the utility [Menu_Tool.bin] with scanpart. Move file [Menu_Tool.bin] from [PS3_GAME] into [USRDIR] in [PS3_GAME], 19. Open [Menu_Tool.bin] with [HEX] then Extract into [PS3_GAME] then Copy [Main.mp3] (MDB2002) and [Menu.mp3] (MDB2003) to [PS3_GAME] and Save. [For HAN] 20.img] into [PS3_GAME] and then Copy [PS3_GAME. 5ec8ef588b


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