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The resulting gameplay shows characteristics from being the most realistic simulation football experience on console and PC, while at the same time providing a new level of player fidelity that’s never been seen on console before. On behalf of the team, FIFA 20 World Cup host and co-creator of FIFA 19, Geoff Richey, added: “The game development team has crafted a new iteration of HyperMotion that creates a new sense of speed and power, and allows us to push the boundaries of what has been possible on console before. “The combination of real-life movements, real-life physics, real-life ball control, and real-life shape of individual players has never been achieved on console – the result is the most authentic football game to date. With a new game engine and physics system, we can deliver the most in-depth FIFA ever on console.” The team also used the technology to provide some of the most realistic player animations to date. Players, including Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, Mesut Ozil, Koke, Kyle Walker, John Stones, Ross Barkley, Harry Kane, Jordan Henderson, Mo Salah, Juan Mata and Gonzalo Higuain, all feature their real-life movement. FIFA 20: Quick Facts Game Features: “Post-Match Career Mode” – The game includes a deeply-researched and aurally-cinematic new story-line, featuring 18 international teams, four leagues and 71 player-histories. Players can now join a club after their career has ended, with a new manager that can be customised, and play the game in an entirely different, new game-world that responds dynamically to real-life transfers. “Dream Team” – Dream Team mode now takes place on 35 international teams and seven leagues, with hundreds of more players than ever before. New “Retirees” AI manager can be customised and decisions made during each game can affect the post-career story. “Ultimate Team” – The mode is completely revamped to reflect the real-life financial value of players, tactics and strategies. The new editor provides more information on each team and player, and gives a new visualisation and an improved player face-off. “FIFA Ultimate Team” – Control your squad on all seven transferred fields – from friendly matches, to exhibition


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